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Evolving Through the Seasons

As you likely know by now, I’m a bit stuck on the word “evolution”.  Even as a young child, I was almost obsessed with how things grew and couldn’t get enough of Darwin’s theory of evolution.  My mother humored me with these passions, allowing me to grow carrots in a wheelbarrow that she dubbed as my personal garden. marnws2 “Specimens” from my prized crop (carrots that were about 2 inches long….) remained in the freezer until they could no longer manage the elements.

I will never tire of talking about evolution.  While I’ve moved on from growing miniature produce, I will forever immerse myself in learning new ways to help others expand their souls to their highest potential.

Conscious evolution is just that—becoming and remaining conscious of how we can best grow, then taking action to make change a reality.  While scientists say that the human body has evolved about as much as it is going to, our soul’s evolution is infinite.  What does this mean for you and I?  It means that, if desired, we can continue to grow beyond our everyday challenges so that we thrive throughout every moment of life.  By aligning our lives with the needs of our soul, we can reach radiant living—or at least create a much more joyful and content experience of the human condition.

marnws3Evolution is a process.  It requires patience, perseverance, and commitment.  That’s why I can’t provide an answer when clients ask me how long it will take to complete therapy.  For those who believe in reincarnation, as will be discussed in future newsletters, evolution of the soul is clearly an ongoing development.  We are presented with lessons throughout each lifetime to help us learn and evolve, sometimes repeating patterns until we outgrow certain circumstances or dynamics.  In the case of this lifetime, our evolution is still up to us.

As cliché as it might sound, awareness really is the first step.  If there is something that you want to outgrow, whether it be an unhealthy habit, an old relationship pattern, or a thought or feeling that no longer serves you, we must first become aware of this imperfection, identify any obstacles to change, then take steps to get our evolution underway.

My Soul Health Model provides the blueprint to radiant living, but remember that evolution is a slow process that requires us to make a conscious marnws4commitment to our infinite growth.

As a gift to you, I invite you to sit back, relax, and take yourself on a journey to your soul’s evolution by watching the visual meditation offered below.  Allow yourself to gently explore the growth you have already witnessed, as well as ponder the change that is yet to come.  I hope you enjoy your journey— feel free to forward this meditation to anyone you know who also needs a gentle nudge on their path to evolution.

Recovering from the Human Condition

“Hi.  My name is Kathy and I’m a recovering human being.”  These words came to mind with a chuckle during a recent talk I went to by a local spiritual healer.  Her talk was titled “The Treasures of the Soul”, which addressed human consciousness moving toward the Christ consciousness.  As an author who writes about the human condition, I couldn’t help but chuckle internally as I absorbed her presentation.  In truth, I write about the human condition mostly because I’m still trying to master it myself.  Since the best way to learn something is to teach it, I guess I’m both teacher and student.  Of course, if I were done learning I wouldn’t still be here, would I???

I resonated deeply with what she was saying and wondered how many others in the room did as well.  She talked about the pain and challenges we must face as humans and how our consciousness grows as we work our way through these.  It’s sort of the “no pain, no gain” approach, I suppose–  a phrase I don’t necessarily ascribe to in many ways, but in the case of our humanity it seems to be the way we develop.

serenity treeMy mission in life is to help people to evolve and to do so I often must  teach people how to accept and interpret the goings on of their lives as necessary evils to their growth.  Not an easy task as the pain of the human condition cuts deep and any suggestion that these experiences are actually blessings are often met with disdain and rejected accordingly.  Until…. the pain subsides enough for people to see beyond the wound.  Once this happens, it is often a field day for me as the client or workshop participant is much more able to remove the protective barriers to their wounds and finally begin the healing—and evolutionary—process.

Someone once asked me what had happened in my own life that inspired me to write about the human condition.  I was caught off guard by the question both because I am usually the one doing the asking, but also because my own trials and tribulations, although painful, really have served as foundational building blocks for my growth and evolution.  These have become so woven into my experience of life that I hardly see them as wounds, and instead, work to embrace these as catalysts to my own expansive consciousness. The difference between myself and others is that I intentionally look for the meaning behind such struggles because I’ve learned that the wounds heal much faster if I can figure out what good they can bring.  Trust me, I’ve had my share—just like the rest of the world.  And I’m sure I will have more.  But the faster we master this human thing, the faster we also return to our most desired state—internal peace.

Just like a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, Catholic, shopaholic, chocoholic ….. whatever, recovering from the human condition never ends—at least not while we are still on earth.  We must learn to keep ourselves in check at all times to not succumb to the forces which draw us back into our misery.  The “fixes” of the human condition do not include drugs/alcohol, shopping, eating, and so on.  Instead, the “soulutions” lie in the multitude of opportunities to learn… to grow beyond where we were just a moment before.

ImageThe human condition is either a daily struggle or a daily success.  You get to choose.  I prefer the success approach, giving into the struggles enough to extract the meaning and harness the growth, then coming out the victor.  Yes, I fall off the consciousness wagon at times… get whiny, get frustrated, get tired, and might I say, even a bit bitchy.  But in the 12-Step approach of life, I too, must admit that I am human, that I fall, and that like everyone else, I have to take this life thing one day at a time.  Like any other human being, I have to work to accept the things I cannot change, find the courage to change those that I can, and hope for the wisdom to know the difference.  And with this daily challenge, earn the serenity that comes with evolution.

My name is Kathy, and I’m a recovering human being.  Let’s talk.