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Prescription for Closure of 2016 and a Vibrant 2017


Many of you are familiar with my “Prescription for Soul Health” that comes at the end of each year. I have participated in this process for decades and wouldn’t be where I am without a conscious dedication to both clearing out/releasing the past and setting clear and conscious intentions for the future.

Here’s your Prescription for Soul Health:

First, take some time to evaluate your year to determine whether you evolved in the way or pace that you wished. Note what is “same, different, better, or worse” than at this time last year. Consider what you could have done differently, what you did well, and what you would like to add or change for the next year.

Second, make a list of all of the things you’d like to dec2let go of from this year, including the thoughts that no longer serve you, the habits that get in the way of your growth, the beliefs about yourself, others, or the world that inhibit your evolution, and anything else that you know you need to change or eliminate in your life in order to move forward unencumbered.

Third, set a time/date before December 31st in which you will burn this list. Create a ceremony or ritual around this sacred burning so that you can mindfully and intentionally commit to letting go of the items on this list. Consider also burning and releasing old journals or diaries that hold negativity or difficult memories. Although many believe these documents are parts of history to be maintained, these items also contain the sometimes painful energy behind many difficult events and eras in life. Perhaps it is time to release the energy behind these events so that you can consciously evolve beyond them.

dec4Fourth, spend some time before the end of the year cleaning out your home—remove items that no longer interest or serve you. Clean out clutter and excess material objects. All of this extra “stuff” energetically impedes our growth and slows down the flow of evolution. Go room by room and attempt to remove at least one or two items that you no longer need or want. Once removed from the home, you will inevitably feel lighter and less weighted down.

Fifth, consider setting a “theme” for 2017 that will guide dec5your evolution. New Year’s resolutions and most goals fade within the first couple weeks, but setting a theme can last the full 365 days. Once set, you can weave in endless ways to work on your theme so that this becomes part of your framework and foundation by the end of the year. For instance, a theme of self-love might entail daily affirmations, periodic pampering sessions, healthy behaviors, and more—all to be incorporated as an investment in that aspect of your soul health. (The options are endless!)

dec6Sixth, on December 31st, pause long enough to acknowledge that the year is coming to an end and that you are consciously committing to your growth in 2017.

Finally, on January 1st, take a few dec7minutes (or more!) to celebrate the  opportunity for a new year of evolution in whatever way(s) you choose. Your commitment to consciousness and your intentionality in following through are the most important ingredients in your prescription for Soul Health.

Get to work on your evolution! Do one thing every day that will contribute to your growth and evolution. Get creative, and you’ll see the results on a daily basis.

Remember, evolution takes time. By choosing to consciously evolve, we ensure our radiant health and overall life satisfaction. See what your prescription for health will bring to you by this time next year!

Clarity with Closure

Many people know that I call myself “Closure Queen”.  I look nuggets of goldfor every opportunity to  assess what I call the golden nuggets of growth— the things that I’m supposed to learn from the twists and turns of life so that I can appreciate how the human condition is seasoning my soul along the way. This year offered many opportunities for evolution, and because I’m still gleaning what I can from my experiences, I am very well aware that I have more to learn about how this thing called life really works.

The winter months invite us to hunker down, reflect, and settle in to assimilate our experiences so that our evolution can take place, often without an awareness that this is even occurring. Becoming conscious of this process not only enhances our growth, but also facilitates our evolution far beyond what it would be if we didn’t work to be aware of these essential times of development.

The following steps outline my end-of-year ritual for conscious evolution which will guide you through your own closure process:

1) Take time to list the major events of this year, noting what happened, how you felt, what changed as a result of these events, and of course, what you think you were supposed to learn from your experiences. Doing this life review allows you to more consciously explore and affirm your growth, while making the effort to evaluate further areas of exploration.

2) Ponder how different you would be if these events didn’t happen and take time to be grateful for the growth you experienced, regardless of the challenges you faced. By acknowledging our evolution—particularly in difficult times—we feel more empowered, rather than victimized by the events of life. This way, we realize that these events happen to enhance and facilitate our evolution, instead of taking something away or delaying our growth.

3) Release what no longer serves you. I hold an annual ritual of “cleaning out” what no longer fits or serves my overall well-being. I literally go through all drawers, closets, boxes, books, etc. to release the items that I no longer want or just don’t fit who I am anymore. I also read through old journals, thinking about what habits, behaviors, thoughts, ideas, and sometimes even the people who no longer serve my highest good. Then I burn and discard these journals and notes to formally release the old energies that they hold.

4) Set an evolutionary “theme” that you can work on through the upcoming year. New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, so I encourage people to set a “theme” or two for the upcoming year that represents how you want to grow and evolve in the months to come. A theme for the year might be that you want to have more fun or be more adventuresome. Many activities can be undertaken to incorporate both of these themes into your life, without the pressure or burden of hitting some arbitrary goal that won’t necessarily change your life.

5) Share your thoughts with others. It’s always better to have a buddy system when trying to instill long-lasting change. You can check in with one another to hold each other accountable, but also discuss roadblocks, points of learning, and other aspects of your year’s evolution.

Your evolution is in your hands. As we wind down the year, make a commitment to do your own life review so that you can ensure your radiant soul health for 2016. You won’t regret the time invested, and you will guarantee your ongoing growth.