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The Light of Consciousness

(Taken from Chapter 4 of Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living)

11 Nov picReaching radical consciousness of emotions means you are mastering the language of your soul. You have earned your advanced degree in understanding the human condition and consciously committing to your evolution. Strangely enough, once you get the hang of it, the work not only becomes easier, but also more light-hearted and amusing along the way. You learn to laugh with your soul each time you see that you are reacting to your old habits of the human condition. You give yourself a break and move through difficult emotions much more quickly and easily.

Which do you want—to heal a wound or to evolve beyond it? Even the question elicits a radiant response! There is something inexplicably exciting about feeling like you can outgrow your old skin. There is an energy behind it—a momentum—that once begun doesn’t want to stop. This is the soul’s radiance urging you toward your evolution.

Emotions carry energy. And because everything around us consists of energy at the most basic level, it stands to reason that we are most attracted to things that make us feel light. Moths to a flame are drawn to an external light they seek as their own, and die in the pursuit of reaching it. We, however, are able to pursue our inner light, and our emotions are nothing more than a signal pointing the way to find it. But unfortunately, we get mired in the human condition and buried in our emotions instead of using them to find and return to our inner radiance. We all know people who emit a simple yet desirable brightness or light. Much like the moth, we are instinctively drawn to these individuals and want to catch a bit of what they seem to have and that which we seem to lack. This light is for our taking, but we must find it within ourselves.

In essence, we are all beings of light.We are meant to emit brighter and brighter radiance if we allow ourselves. This happens only if we evolve, and we evolve only if we use the voice of our soul to do so. If we do not, our lights dim and we just fizzle out. There is no more light and no sign of growth.

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Embracing Your Greatness

Be not afraid of greatness.  Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.  ~~  William Shakespeare

greatness 3Although many people struggle with feeling good enough at all, it can be an equal or even bigger struggle to embrace one’s greatness—your gifts, blessings, achievements, and even your natural talents and qualities.  While greatness might seem like a good problem to have, it’s not unusual for people to dismiss and minimize who they are for various reasons.

Do you have a hard time receiving compliments or positive feedback?  Do you downplay your accomplishments and even hide your success?  Have you been told that to be proud is to be boastful?  Has someone shown jealousy toward you for how you look, what you achieve, or just because of who you are?  Has someone manipulated you to feel bad about yourself because they were feeling threatened themselves? Or has someone rejected you or left a relationship simply because they couldn’t measure up?  Your answers to these questions all contribute to why you might not fully appreciate the greatness that you have to offer.

It may come as a surprise, but most people are much more comfortable identifying their faults than their strengths.  Some of this comes from how we were programed by others throughout our lives while some results from our inability to see through our negative perceptions in order to see our inherent greatness that lies beneath.

While last month’s article addressed the need to own your darkness and challenging parts of yourself, it is equally—if not more important—to embrace your greatness as well.  We cannot truly be who we are unless we are able to identify, acknowledge, and embrace the spectrum of our overall qualities and characteristics.  And this means stepping into our prominence as well.

So, how does one embrace their greatness?

  • Make a list of all of your positive qualities—big, little, and in between. (Resist the temptation to start negating these with all of your faults or flaws.)
  • Identify what you’re good at both at home and at work, even if you feel these are insignificant in your own mind. (Avoid “yeah, but….” thoughts and just write the facts.)
  • If you have a difficult time starting this list, ask your closest friends, family, coworkers, etc. about the top quality they see in you. (Do your best not to dismiss or minimize these qualities as you receive their feedback.)
  • Acknowledge that, like everyone else, you have made it through some tough times and challenges in life. Ask yourself how you did this and how you changed for the better as a result.
  • Compliment yourself or at least do an “atta girl/guy” for each item on these lists. (It might feel contrived and artificial, but it will still feel better than criticizing yourself as you usually do.)
  • Assess how you feel. You might feel a bit uneasy with the process, but you will notice a positive shift almost immediately.  We all want acknowledgment and praise and the most important person to receive this from is ourselves. greatness 2

How would your life be different if you embraced your greatness?  How much happier would you feel?  Who would benefit from you feeling better about yourself?  What else would you achieve if you stepped into your worth?

Our ultimate soul health, as well as our radiant living, depends heavily upon how much we are willing to not only accept, but also embrace the entirety of who we are.  This includes acknowledging our strengths, gifts, and natural awesomeness.  It’s time that we move past our darkness and enter the beauty of our light.