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The Playground of the Soul

(Taken from Chapter 12 of Soul Health:  Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living)

To share laughter is to connect with Soul. ~~ Alison Stormwolf

012Play is a great way to connect with others. Laughing and having fun not only helps us to bond more deeply with other people, but also to enter a deeper understanding and connection with our own soul. Laughter unlocks our resistance and releases inhibitions, thus opening us to close connections that might not arise without this mutual joy.

The soul craves connection. It wants to be understood, heard, and embraced by those who can appreciate and honor it—oneself, especially, but close family and friends as well. Only then can the soul itself play. It wants the freedom to revel in whatever elicits its joy, experiencing every aspect of fun and elation that life has to offer. However, as we all know, there are times when life could not offer less fun. Those are the times when a playful connection with our own soul and others’ is most distant, yet most vital.

Just like any playground, the human condition can create bumps and bruises amidst the fun and laughter. Yet even in the worst of times, it is often our ability to see the humor in our situation that allows us to muddle through it. Finding joy in the midst of darkness allows us to soften the impact of life’s challenges and open us to the possibilities that something good could come from our pain. The key is to understand yourself well enough to know when you need a good dose of fun, or when laughter will be your own best medicine.


What is fun to you? Stop right now, and list ten things that you do or could do on a regular basis that would be fun. How difficult is it to create this list? Who do you have the most fun with in your life? How often do you spend time with these people? Who would you invite into your personal playground if you could?

What relaxes you? Stop, and list ten leisure 12 Dec pic2activities that you do on a regular basis. How difficult is it to create this list? Who do you relax with the most? How often do you take time to relax with those who make it easy for you to do so?

Answering these questions will help you to create your soul’s playground. By identifying what and who helps you strengthen your recreational branch of health, and by committing to doing what enhances it, you will give your soul reason to sing. You will also enhance its evolution.

No one can deny that they feel the most radiant and alive when they have had a good dose of pure fun. Our driven culture often dismisses and even denies how important simple joy is to our health, yet the lack of it drives many of our vices and unhealthy behaviors. The reality is, if we tuned into our inner joy more often—regardless of our daily struggles— our soul health would be much brighter. Instead, we keep losing sight of the inner light and are frantically searching for other ways to soothe our discomfort.

What do you need in order to commit to joy?


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Beliefs About Fun and Leisure

(Taken from Chapter 12 of Soul Health:  Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living)

All of us, from time to time, need a plunge into freedom and novelty, after which routine and discipline will seem delightful by contrast. ~~André Maurois

DSC_0163We are a product of our environment.  And if your upbringing instilled a lack of balance in your beliefs about work and play, you probably brought this into adulthood.  Though it is admirable to have a strong work ethic, this alone won’t feed your soul.  And it certainly won’t grant you permission to laugh and play nearly as often as your soul health might require.

In our culture, it is not uncommon for people to feel guilty when they have fun or take time to relax, and this often keeps them from doing so.  Somehow, they have accepted the idea that such pursuits are self-indulgent, despite how much better they feel when they engage in them.   This may have nothing to do with money, and instead have everything to do with the idea that they don’t deserve the time or energy it takes have fun or relax.

Because the recreational branch of health is key to understanding and experiencing radiant living, it is important to look at fun and leisure as an investment in soul health.  Rarely does anyone get to the end of life and wish they had worked more; instead, most wish they had spent more time engaging in fun or leisure.  Their regret inevitably diminishes their soul health.

  • What are your beliefs about work and play?
  • Do they match your ideas about radiant health?
  • Do you feel guilty when you engage in fun and leisure activities?
  • What fun and leisure activities would you regret denying yourself in the next week? The next month?  Year?  Lifetime?



(To read further, purchase Soul Health: Aligning With Spirit for Radiant Living at

www.drkatherinetkelly.com, www.amazon.com, or www.barnesandnoble.com)